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Drunken Quinoa

By Sarah Caron
Created January 10, 2017
Like drunken pasta? Then you will adore drunken quinoa, which combines heart-healthy red wine with protein-rich quinoa in a rich, luxurious dish.
Drunken Quinoa

You gotta love how protein-packed quinoa can be whipped into something fabulous in less than a half-hour. It’s the perfect side-dish base for those busy nights that we all have. If you’re looking for a new way to prepare quinoa, this Drunken Quinoa recipe is the way to go. The quinoa is cooked in a mixture of garlic, red wine and chicken broth, rendering a rich, deep dish that’s perfect with chicken, steak, fish … anything. Just be sure to rinse the quinoa before cooking it in a fine mesh sieve. Doing so will ensure that it’s free of the bitter outer coating that’s natural for quinoa.