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How to Make Your Own Infused Water

By Paula Jones
Created January 10, 2017
There's no need to buy pricey flavored water. It's a breeze (and cheaper) to make your own!
Make Your Own Infused Water

Do you love the bottles of flavored water you find in your market? Or that beautiful glass of infused water you get when you’re at the spa? I do! But visiting spas and buying flavored waters can get expensive. And I don’t always have extra funds in my budget. 

Can you see your friends’ faces when you pull out a pitcher of this gorgeous water when they come over for a visit? Are you hosting a shower or party this summer? Serve a pitcher of this and watch them ooh and ahh. The best part? When the water gets low, just add more water. The fruits and veggies will continue to infuse the water for about a week. 

Guess what? You can easily make your own flavored water at home and make it your own with what’s in season. If you can slice fruits and vegetables, you can make flavored water.