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DIY Chex Nacho Bar

Created January 10, 2017
Up the snack game at your next backyard party by setting up a Chex nacho bar for your guests.

We’ve never met a party guest who doesn’t go wild for nachos. So why spend hours in the kitchen prepping fussy appetizers when you can easily give the people what they want? In comes this DIY Chex™ Nacho Bar, which comes together in minutes and will have everyone rushing back for seconds.

Set-up is easy! Start out with homemade Original Chex™ Party Mix for a lighter (but equally delicious) alternative to tortilla chips for the base and follow by lining up ingredients like roasted chickpeas, salami, fried onions and, of course, plenty of cheese cubes. After that, your work is finished. Let your guests fill their plates and enjoy! To get that melty, cheesy nacho goodness, set your bar up near the microwave so people can heat up their plates before digging in.