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Basil, Peach and Raspberry Summer Sangria

By Arlene Cummings
Created January 10, 2017
Shake up your summer BBQ with my Basil, Peach and Raspberry Sangria. The fresh taste of basil goes so well with the peach and raspberries that it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

In Italy, basil symbolizes love, and I can tell you my family has a love affair with this beautiful herb. In the summer, we grow so much basil that we usually have to give it away. 

Since Italians like to mingle food and love, I thought to combine two of my passions to make the perfect Summer Sangria “Love Potion.” The clean, fresh taste of white sangria combined with fragrant basil makes magic.

Basil Peach Raspberry Summer Sangria

It’s not your typical sangria. Trust me, when you serve it at parties, it will take your guests by surprise. I like to use fresh peaches and raspberries, but if you can’t get them fresh, you can use frozen. The only rule for this love potion is that you have to use fresh basil.

Basil, Peach and Raspberry Summer Sangria

I’m also a big fan of amaretto, but if you prefer, use Triple Sec instead. If you want to have these fresh flavors but don’t want the alcohol, you can easily substitute lemonade for the wine and peach nectar for the amaretto. 

If you’re planning a party this weekend, be sure to put summer basil to good use and serve up my love potion!

Basil, Peach and Raspberry Summer Sangria
Basil, Peach and Raspberry Summer Sangria