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10 Ways to Dress Up Canned Soup

By Paula Jones
Created January 10, 2017
From herbs and cheese to meat and veggies, my quick tips and tricks will add pizzazz to canned soup!
Dressed-Up Tomato Basil Soup

Soup warms our bodies and keeps our budgets in check. When you’re looking for something to make in a hurry, canned soup can be the answer. Just opening a can of soup can seem rather drab, though, so we’ve put together ways for you to dress up your soup bowl that will take it from good to gorgeous in no time at all. Think of these as the little black dress for canned soup…

  1. Fresh Herbs: Add a handful of fresh herbs and not only will your nose thank you, your soup will, too!
  2. Cheese: More cheese? Yes, please! Add a sprinkle of grated cheese and watch as it melts into your soup.
  3. Bread: Bruschetta crisps, small chunks of baguette. You decide. Who doesn’t love to a good dunk?
  4. Meat: Add in bite-size pieces of leftover meat (chicken, steak, pork) to your bowl for a protein-packed punch.
  5. Rice: These little grains add great texture.
  6. Eggs: Cooked eggs will add Asian flavor to your brothy soups. There’s a reason egg drop soup is so popular.
  7. Onions: Sliced green onions are inexpensive and will add color and flavor.
  8. Pesto: Add a spoonful of your favorite pesto and watch the flavor factor jump off the chart.
  9. Cream: Add a smidge of cream for extra creaminess (perfect for tomato-based soups).
  10. Leftover Veggies: Chunk those leftover veggies into your soup. A great way to add more and not waste what’s in the fridge!