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Summery Watermelon Pancakes

Created January 10, 2017
These watermelon-shaped pancakes are a kitschy nod to a summer staple.

There are so many good things about summertime eating: the outdoors, grilling, picnics and…the produce! So much good summer fruit is to be had and watermelon is a star. And even though there is a lot of fresh bounty to be had in the summer, we can never forget about pancakes! These pancakes are a kitschy nod to the fresh summer favorite with a sprinkle of chocolate chips to boot. 

Lightly tinted batters are piped into watermelon rounds and sprinkled with chocolate chips to make a sweet interpretation of the summer picnic favorite. These watermelon-shaped pancakes are a fun way to mix up weekend breakfasts and using squeeze bottles make these easy and fun to make as a family.

Begin by mixing up a simple Bisquick batter.


Next, divide the batter and add some gel paste food color, and spoon the batters into separate squeeze bottles.


Then, pipe pink batter for the watermelon centers and green batter for the rinds…and sprinkle with mini chips for the seeds!


Once everything’s piped into cute little watermelons and topped with mini chocolate chips, cook each side until just golden and dry around the edges.


Finally, plate them up and sprinkle with additional mini chocolate chips. Serve warm with lots of maple syrup!