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Stacks of Fun: A Christmas Tree Pancake

Created January 10, 2017
Make morning time family time this holiday season with this totally adorable Christmas tree pancake. Your kids will love building their own high and mighty stack.
Christmas Tree Stack

Holiday mornings are just the time to make breakfast fun for everyone. And what better way to celebrate this together time than by whipping up a high and mighty stack of pancakes? 

These bright and merry trees are a cinch. All you need is Bisquick, food coloring, powdered sugar and sprinkles. Make the pancakes by following the directions on the box and stirring in 2-3 drops of green, gel based, food coloring.


Create the tree layers by pouring each pancake slightly smaller than the last and stacking—we found that 8 works well. Build each Christmas tree pancake by stacking layers on top of each other.


To create the snow simply sprinkle powdered sugar over the pancake treetops.


Finally, decorate your pancake tree by adding sprinkles and your homemade Christmas tree topper. We chose to cut out a star shape and skewer it with a short wooden stick.