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Quick and Easy Dinner: Chicken Night

Created January 10, 2017
Make your family’s favorite chicken dinners quickly and easily with the perfect combination of meat, vegetables and potatoes.

Chicken Night Tips

Rotisserie Chicken or Deli-Fried Chicken

Heat up Green Giant frozen veggies, make your favorite Betty Crocker Potatoes and you’re good to go. Leftovers make an extra dinner when tossed with pasta, mixed up with casseroles, stuffed in pita bread or stirred into soups.

Oven-Fried or Baked Chicken

Just coat raw chicken with Bisquick mix (and any other seasonings you’d like) and bake about 30 minutes. Serve it with Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers and Betty Crocker Au Gratin casserole potatoes.

Grilled Chicken

Try grilling for healthy dinner options. You can make any flavor from raspberry-glazed to taco-barbecue. All taste great with an easy and simple green salad.