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Papaya Crème with Cassis Liqueur

By Paula Kittelson
Created January 10, 2017
Take your family and friends to the tropics in a flash with this blend of fresh papaya and vanilla bean ice-cream spiked with blackcurrant liqueur

Growing up in Brazil, I used to eat papaya for breakfast every single morning! That was my parents’ habit too, and for that reason we always had papaya in our house. But sometimes, the heat of the tropics would make our papaya ripen much faster than we expected. When that happened, I knew exactly what we would be having for dessert that day! 

One of my fondest memories was seeing my mom rushing to the kitchen at the end of a meal and coming back to the dining room minutes later with dessert glasses filled with Papaya Crème with Cassis Liqueur. That dessert is a simple blend of papaya and vanilla bean ice-cream layered with blackcurrant liquor (also called Creme de Cassis). The mix of papaya and ice-cream is so refreshing and creamy. And the fruity cassis liqueur adds the perfect spike to it! 

This is a must try dessert that will transport you to the tropics in a flash! 

Put the chopped papaya inside the blender.

PHOTO1Papaya Creme

Add your favorite vanilla bean ice-cream. The ice-cream should be slightly soft.

PHOTO2Papaya Creme

Pulse until a smooth cream forms.

PHOTO3Papaya Creme

In a dessert glass, make layers with the papaya cream and Cassis liqueur.

PHOTO4Papaya Creme

I like to garnish it with mint leaves.

PHOTO5Papaya Creme

This dessert must be served immediately. Look at how creamy it is.

PHOTO6Papaya Creme

Can it get easier than that? And let me tell you, it can’t get much tastier than that either!!