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How to Shuck Oysters

We’re showing you how to shuck oysters safely and quickly with our easy, three-step guide.
raw oysters

When you’re looking to serve a true delicacy before dinner, oysters are an easy answer. They’re fresh, delicious and ideal for special occasions. Learning how to properly shuck oysters, however, can be a bit trickier than deciding you like them. Over the years we’ve discovered the task is all about using the proper knife (an oyster knife that is) and knowing exactly where to make your cuts. Follow the three steps below to ensure you safely shuck each oyster before serving them to your happy—and lucky!—guests.

What you’ll need:

  • Fresh oysters
  • Oyster knife
How to:

1. Slip tip of oyster knife between top and bottom shells, next to hinge. Carefully run knife around oyster to other side of hinge, using twisting motion, to pry top and bottom shells apart.

slipping knife into oyster

2. Cut muscle in middle of oyster attached to both top and bottom shells; spread apart and separate. Remove top shell from bottom, being careful to not spill oyster juice in bottom shell.

spreading oyster apart

3. Remove meat from bottom shell by sliding knife inward, under meat, close against surface of bottom shell in order to keep meat intact.

removing meat from oyster

Don’t want to serve them as is? Try one of these tasty oyster recipes: