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How to Make Chicken Pot Stickers

By Molly Yeh
Created January 10, 2017
Betty blogger Molly Yeh shares her family recipe for pillowy-soft chicken pot stickers. Perfect for a Chinese New Year-themed dinner!

I am what one might call a "Twinkie." I'm Chinese by heritage, but all American on the inside. I can't speak a word of Chinese, but I can down noodles and rice like a machine. Chinese food is my ultimate way of showing pride in my roots. 

Chinese New Year is one of my favorite holidays. What year is it going to be? Heck if I know. What's the significance of the New Year? Ok, I should really ask my grandparents. What's going to be on my Chinese New Year's menu? That's easy: pot stickers. 

A pot sticker party is the best kind of party. You sit around a table with your friends, you crank up the tunes, you stick your hands into some nice squishy dough... and then you eat yummy, hearty dumplings! There is nothing not to love.


Following is a version of my family's pot sticker recipe where the meat is cooked before it's folded into a dumpling wrapper. Over all of my years of hosting pot sticker parties, I can tell you the one thing that gives me anxiety is having raw meat handled about. It's fine if I'm making these on my own or with just a few adults, but if ever there are little ones (or tipsy ones) in attendance, I get nervous. With this recipe, you have nothing to worry about except how you'll restrain yourself from eating simply way too many.