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How to Cook with Whatever’s On Hand

Created September 27, 2018
Stir Fry
Learning to cook with whichever ingredients you find in your kitchen—whether it’s your fridge, pantry, freezer or countertop—doesn’t just make you a better, more adaptable cook. You’ll save time with fewer trips to the grocery store. You’ll save money by using everything you’ve already bought. You’ll save food by using up what you have and throwing away less. And above all, you’ll be able to create delicious dishes on the fly, whenever you need them!
Betty Crocker and its parent company General Mills know that food waste is a major social, environmental, and economic challenge and we’re invested in change. We work to eliminate food production waste and partner with Feeding America to ensure surplus food gets from grocery stores and restaurants to people facing hunger—not garbage cans. In 2018 we started the Taste Not Waste project to tackle the 40% of food waste that happens at home. This year we’re introducing the #pantryraid challenge to waste less and save more. When we all do our part, we can make a difference in the amount of food that gets thrown out. Join us!