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Easy Stuffed Pepper Casserole

By Corey Valley
Created January 10, 2017
All the best flavors of classic stuffed peppers shine in this unfussy, comforting casserole.
stuffed pepper casserole

I love this recipe for many reasons. You get all of the best flavors of classic stuffed peppers in casserole-form, and it’s super easy to make. How easy? This entire dish is prepared in ONE POT, so there’s hardly any fuss, and—even better—close to zero cleanup. This meal will be a big hit with your little ones too. I’ve found that since bell peppers are chopped up and baked in a casserole, rather than served whole like in traditional stuffed pepper recipes, kids are more open to eating their veggies (and any recipe that can make that happen is a keeper). Here’s how to make it! 

First, gather your ingredients and grab a 4-quart saucepan. The only prep work you’ll need to do before you begin cooking is dicing up some bell peppers, onion and garlic (for exact measurements, see the full recipe below). 

Start by browning the ground beef with the onion and garlic over medium-high heat for about 5-7 minutes, breaking into small pieces as the beef browns.


Next, add the diced bell peppers, salt and pepper to the beef mixture and cook for another 5-7 minutes, or until peppers have started to soften. (NOTE: I used extra-lean ground beef in this recipe. If you aren’t using extra-lean, you will need to drain off some of the fat at this point.)


Once the bell peppers have started to soften, reduce the heat to medium and add the tomatoes. (I used Muir Glen diced tomatoes. Don’t drain them! Add them in with the juice.) Along with the tomatoes, add Progresso beef broth, tomato sauce, soy sauce and Italian seasoning. Stir until everything is well-combined and heat until boiling.


Now add the uncooked rice and return to a boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat to low.


Cover and simmer for 25 minutes, or until the rice is tender. Remove the saucepan from the heat and give the whole thing a generous sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese before serving.