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Crispy Oven Fries

By Sarah Caron
Created January 10, 2017
It’s a breeze to lighten up your fries without giving up crispiness! They are amazing dipped in curry sauce.

When a friend recently returned from a trip to Boston, she couldn’t wait to tell me about amazing fries she had. The crispy salt-and-pepper fries came with curry sauce for dipping–something she said was both ingenious and addictive. Honestly, at first blush I couldn’t imagine it being any good. But my friend and I share similar tastes in food, so I decided to give it a try. I was skeptical but interested.

For the sauce, I used a curry simmer sauce, which can be found in the Asian section of most grocery stores. It combines curry paste with coconut milk and other ingredients to make a sweet-spicy sauce that is usually used for flavoring chicken and vegetables to be served over rice. But as I learned, it also makes an amazing condiment. Like seriously amazing.

To go with the sauce, I made fries. I am a big fan of oven fries but hate when they don’t crisp up nicely. The good news? My method ensures that you get crispy fries every time. All it takes is a little cornstarch (which eats up the moisture on the outside of the fries) and a spray of cooking oil, along with some salt and pepper.

Oven Fries with Curry Dipping Sauce
Oven Fries with Curry Dipping Sauce
Oven Fries with Curry Dipping Sauce

Once baked, the fries have a light and crispy outside with a soft potato inside. You’d never guess they came from the oven and not the fryer. 

All together, this sweet-spicy-salty combination is a total flavor explosion that will leave you craving more and wondering why you hadn’t tried it before. Well, at least that’s what it did for me. Just try it!

Oven Fries with Curry Dipping Sauce