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Cheesy Southwest Grains and Chorizo Zucchini Boats

By Cindy Rahe
Created January 10, 2017
Does “eat more veggies” appear on your list of resolutions this year? If so, try this Southwestern twist on stuffed zucchini, made easy with Suddenly Grain Salad.

In an effort to always have something green on our plates at dinnertime, I have a few go-to vegetable favorites. Salads often fit the bill, broccoli makes many appearances and zucchini is a versatile favorite. One of my favorite things to make with zucchini is a boat—basically a hollowed out zucchini stuffed with whatever goodness we want.

For these particular boats I used Suddenly Grain Salad Southwest Grains—a mix of quinoa, rice, corn, and black beans, plus a flavorful dressing. I mixed the prepared grains with some crumbled and cooked chorizo and topped it all with plenty of cheese. Easy to prepare, packed with flavor and filled with good-for-you ingredients—what’s not to love? Here’s how it’s done.

I started with a box of Suddenly Grain Salad Southwest Grains, prepared exactly as the package instructed. It’s so yummy!


Then I gathered a few other ingredients to round out the dish: chorizo, zucchini, cheese and cilantro. (You can find the full list of ingredients and measurements in the recipe below!)


I hollowed out the zucchini to make the boats and stuffed them with the grain and chorizo filling.


Before popping them in the oven I topped the boats with cheese. Once they were done, the zucchini was just tender, the cheese was melty and the filling was nice and hot.


I liked these served, as is, with plenty of hot sauce available for dousing on the side.