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BLT Pancake Sandwiches

By Paula Kittelson
Created January 10, 2017
Use breakfast leftovers to make a delicious sandwich for your lunch box.

Let’s agree that packing the kids lunch box can some days be a dreaded chore for us moms and dads! For me, the best way to take the stress out of busy mornings is to transform leftovers into a nutritious lunch for my kids. A lot of times I purposely cook extra food at dinner or breakfast time to make sure I have enough to fill their lunchboxes.

One of my favorite lunch ideas is a sandwich that I build using whole grain pancakes and bacon leftover from breakfast – two things my kids love to eat! Using a few other ingredients you can get this sandwich ready in a flash.


I use the pancakes as the bread and spread some mayonnaise on it. Some creamy and nutritious avocado adds great texture and flavor too!


I make a layer of crispy bacon and follow with slices of tomatoes that I season with salt.



I finish with lots of fresh green lettuce and top it all with another pancake.


You can use a bamboo skewer to keep the sandwich in place. And make sure to add an ice pack to the lunch box so this delicious California BLT Pancake Sandwich stays fresh!


And talking about cooking extra food, I usually make an extra one of these sandwiches for my own lunch! That makes preparing the kids lunch box fun for me too!


Now if BLT is not your kid’s favorite, you can still use pancakes to make a number of different sandwiches. A couple winning combinations around my house are cream cheese with cucumbers and hazelnut spread with banana.