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Bisquick-Battered Fruit Rings

By Angie McGowan
Created January 10, 2017
These Bisquick battered fruit rings will be your new favorite pancake recipe!

I usually make pancakes on the weekends, when we have more time to eat breakfast as a family. My son loves to eat pancakes drenched in syrup, especially if I make some crispy bacon to go along with them. Now I thought I had tried just about every way to make pancakes until a good friend told me about pancake battered fruit rings. She was telling me about how much her kids loved them and how loved serving healthier fruit filled pancakes. I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself.

I was so excited to try them out in my own kitchen. My friend had told me she had tried pineapples and apples, and that they were both delicious. My head was spinning with countless other fruit options, but for today I just choose apples, pears and canned pineapple (you can also choose fresh).

I started by cutting and coring the fruit, making slices (skin on or of) that were 1/2 inch thick.


Then I dip the fruit in Bisquick pancake batter, made according to package directions.


Make sure to coat the fruit well.


And after your fruit rings are coated well on each side let the excess batter drip off.


Then fry until deep golden brown over medium heat in a hot skillet.


Serve your pancakes as an assorted fruit tower as shown or separately.


My family loved all three fruits I made, but we all agreed the apple was the best. When I make these next time, I’ll just make apple rings and add a little cinnamon to the Bisquick batter.