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Texas Sheet Cake Cupcakes

By Cindy Rahe
Created January 10, 2017
Just a few simple tweaks enhance this chocolate-y, all-American dessert.

Texas Sheet Cake is a dessert steeped in tradition, with many families handing recipes down from generation to generation. Being the half-Korean, West coast girl I am, of course I had to switch it up a little bit! But don’t fret too much, purists. I’ve only made minor tweaks to this super-traditional recipe, adapting it into cupcake form and adding a splash of bourbon. Here’s how it’s done! 

If you’ve made Texas Sheet Cake before, you know the ingredients are pretty standard.


Like many recipes, this one starts with boiling the butter with water and cocoa powder. Mmm-mmm good.


That then gets mixed with the flour, sugar and salt mixture, combining into a loose, moist batter.


The glaze begins like the batter, with simple ingredients, heated together, before dousing over the still-warm cupcakes.


It’s a good thing these babies are portion-controlled because holy moly, they are so good.