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Rum Cupcakes

By Sarah Caron
Created January 10, 2017
Forget rum-soaked cake. These cupcakes have the rum baked right in…and in the frosting, too!

The first time I had rum cake was in college. A little Ethiopian restaurant near my Manhattan dorm served big, moist, rum-soaked slices of the best cake I’d ever had. The cake was so good that you needed to order it as soon as you arrived because it sold out early and often. What a disappointment when my roommates and I would go to dinner early and still miss out on the cake!


Since then, rum cake has been a favorite treat of mine. Once on a Caribbean cruise, I bought a sampler of rum cakes and was delighted by the familiar booziness. It’s just heavenly—especially when soaked with good rum.

Rum cake is the perfect ending to a fun dinner with friends. And guess what? You can make it at home.

Beyond the familiar rum-soaked cake though, it also makes for a really great cupcake. This boozy delight, complete with rum buttercream, is the ultimate single-serving dessert for an adult party.

And the best part? It’s a cinch to make with just a few ingredients. Plus, no soaking is needed. The rum is baked right into the cake, rendering it super moist without losing the potent flavor.