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Pumpkin Crumb Cookie Bars

By Sarah Caron
Created January 10, 2017
In just minutes, you can have a pan of these delicious bars baking in the oven. How great is that?

When my kids come home from school, I love to have something sweet and unexpected waiting for them every so often. It isn’t something I do a lot, but when I do, they love it. It makes those afternoons special–especially when they greet the treat with squeals of delight. Seriously, what mom can resist the rush that comes with that glee? 

Cookie bars are a favorite of mine to make because they are so easy to whip up. You mix, press into a pan and bake–no dividing into cookie dough lumps, no batches to deal with. It’s just easy! And as a time-pressed mom, I really value that. I can make a quick batch of cookie bars without missing a beat on my other obligations (work, housework, etc.).

These Pumpkin Crumb Cookie Bars are a perfect fall treat for kids. They start with a sweet sugar cookie base. Then you spread on a thin layer of pumpkin topping. Finally, you crumble some sweet sugar cookies on top and bake to golden perfection. Let them cool, then cut them into squares and enjoy! 

This dessert perfectly captures the essence of fall in convenient cookie bar form. Your kids will love their sweet splendor.