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Overnight Cinnamon French Toast Cupcakes

By Megan DeKok
Created January 10, 2017
Prepping this French toast the night before makes it a brunch-time breeze.

Honesty hour: I never used to be a French toast person. Then I realized that the trick to making French toast that’s truly decadent is to use homemade bread. Homemade bread stands up to moisture like a champ without ever bothering to get soggy. I like to use Betty’s Cinnamon Swirl Bread (sans raisins, but no judgment if you want to raisin it up) for this dish. The bread recipe makes two loaves, so I use one loaf for toasting and the other for this French toast. And the depth of flavor due to the vanilla and spices in the milk-infusion is truly thoughtful. Adding berries to each cup adds just the right amount of fruitiness and the streusel seals the deal with a touch of sweet.


This recipe is wonderful for brunch parties. I like to plan ahead so when I’m hosting, so the food is done by the time my friends arrive so I can hang out with them instead futzing over the stove. These individual cups are ideal for those casual morning gatherings when you want to sit back, help yourself to a mimosa and relax until the timer dings. When they’re done, simply drizzle on the syrup, dust with powdered sugar, arrange on your favorite tray and serve.