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Kids in the Kitchen: Reindeer Cupcakes

By Paula Kittelson
Created January 10, 2017
Your little Chefs will be proud to be in charge of dessert with these easy and adorable reindeer cupcakes!

This Holiday season I am going to host a party for a group of friends and their kids. I know exactly what I will be cooking for the adults, but I want to make some special and fun foods for the kids. During an on-line search I stumbled upon this Reindeer Cupcake recipe and I just loved it. I then decided to test the recipe with my kids just to make sure it was as easy and delicious as it looked on!

One of my kids favorite parts of baking is preparing the cake batter! My daughter has mastered breaking the eggs and my son feels strong and powerful when he stirs the ingredients together!


To make decorating the cupcakes easy, I prepared all the ingredients in advance.


First, we spread chocolate frosting over the cupcakes (you can help the youngest kids with that step, if necessary).


Then we used we used pretzels (broken in half) to make the reindeer antlers.


Mini marshmallows (also cut in half) make the eyes and small green gumdrops the nose.


You can use small round cinnamon candies (or red M&Ms) for the reindeer’s mouth.


We finished it with chocolate sprinkles!


My youngest son made his own super cool reindeer. And he enjoyed each bite of it.


Whether you make these in advance for your party, or have the kids decorate their own reindeer during the party, these cupcakes will to be a lovely addition to your holiday celebration!

BEAUTY2_Reindeer Cupcakes