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How to Turn Candy Bars Into Cupcakes

By Deborah Harroun
Created January 10, 2017
Save those leftover candy bars and turn them into frosting for your next cupcakes!

I don’t know about you, but things get a little bit crazy for Halloween these days. It seems like as the years go by, kids come home with more and more candy. More candy than any mom or dad wants their kid to have hiding underneath their bed!! 

I know people who will let their kids eat as much candy as they want on Halloween night, but the rest of the candy has to be handed over. I know that my kids won’t be keeping all of their candy loot, especially since they are still so young. But what do you do with all of that confiscated candy? 

These cupcakes give you a perfect way to use up some of those leftover chocolate covered caramel and nougat candy bars. Bake up some cupcakes and top them with this fun frosting, made from the candy bars! It tastes a lot like the candy bars, but turned into a cupcake that you can share with neighbors and friends. 

You will need a Betty Crocker Super Moist white cake mix, plus all the ingredients called for on the box. You will also need fun-sized candy bars, butter, milk, vanilla and powdered sugar.


Start off by baking up the cupcakes according to the box directions. Let them cool completely.


Heat about an inch of water in a small saucepan to simmering. Place a heat safe bowl on top of the saucepan. To the bowl, add the candy bars, butter and milk. Allow everything to melt together, stirring frequently, until the mixture is completely melted.


Stir until it is smooth. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla.


Add the powdered sugar and mix until the frosting is smooth.


Let the frosting cool slightly before frosting the cupcakes.