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How to Make Hasselback Potatoes

By Cindy Rahe
Hasselback potatoes only look tricky to make! With this how-to, you’ll be mastering these three hasselback potato recipes in no time.

Have you ever tried a hasselback potato? They look pretty impressive, and I have to admit I initially wrote them off as being too intimidating. I assumed to get the pretty accordion effect, you’d have to have some “Iron Chef”-level knife skills, but with these simple instructions, it’s a total cinch to bake one (or a bunch) of these. The extra surface area on these potatoes means crispier edges and more nooks to slather with butter or whatever other toppings you’d put on a basic baked potato.

To begin, you just need a russet potato—really any good baking potato—a sharp knife and two chopsticks (wooden spoon handles work, too).


You’re going to nestle the potato between the two sticks—the sticks will act as a guide so when you cut your potato, you won’t cut all the way through so the potato stays together as it bakes.


You’ll then cut ¼-inch slices, leaving the bottom intact, all the way across the potato. No need to rush this part: Be sure to keep your fingers curled away from the blade and keep the potato steady.


It won’t look like much more than a basic potato with a bunch of slits cut all the way across, but don’t worry, it will open up and fan out a bit as it bakes, exposing more surface area to the heat of the oven.


Before you bake your potato, be sure to brush it all over with butter, getting some into each little nook and cranny.


What you end up with is a beautifully fanned potato that looks so impressive it’s hard to believe it’s this easy to make.


Once you’ve mastered the hasselback potato, it’s easy to top it with your favorite additions. Try one of these other hasselback recipes for a delicious twist on the classic:

Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Hasselback Potatoes

Bacon-Cheddar-Jalapeño Hasselback Potato

This version of the classic hasselback is smothered in melty cheese, topped with crispy bacon and spicy jalapeños and best served with a dollop of sour cream.

Mexican Hasselback Potatoes

Mexican Hasselback Potato

A twist on your traditional taco night, this hasselback potato ditches the tortilla! Made with taco seasoning and finished with all of your favorite toppings (chopped tomatoes, hot sauce and fresh cilantro), it has just the right amount of spice for a delicious meal.