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How to Make Bottom-of-the-Cereal-Box Cookies

Created January 10, 2017
What to do with nearly empty cereal boxes and an hour with your kids? Teach them how to follow this simple recipe that uses leftover cereals to make creative new cookies!
How to Make Bottom-of-the-Cereal-Box Cookies

Here’s a fun way for kids to learn about cleverly using up food and making the best use of favorite cereals you have on hand! These colorful cookies are incredibly easy to make because they start with a pouch of cookie mix and can be customized with whatever cereals you already have on hand.


  • Start by taking a quick inventory of cereals that you have in the pantry—how many boxes are almost empty? You can use cereal from a full box or make use of all of those broken pieces and crumbs at the bottom of a few boxes.
  • Make it a team effort to choose the cereals that will go into the cookies—or just use them all!
  • Try dividing the dough in half and adding different cereals to each half, creating a favorite, custom flavor for each family member.
  • Cereal (with crumbs) should measure 3 cups for the whole recipe.
  • Kids can make and shape the cookies, placing them on the cookie sheet.
  • While the cookies are baking, you’ll have time to clip the Box Tops from all of the cereal boxes.
  • When the cookies are baked, be sure to let them cool just a bit before eating. You’ll love the colorful cookies with fun flavors you have created with crumbs from the cereal box!