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How to Make Ball-Game Cupcakes

Created January 10, 2017
Teach kids how to make ball-game cupcakes and demonstrate the importance of “gearing up” with everything needed before baking.
How to Make Ball Game Cupcakes

Just as in any sport like tennis, baseball, football or basketball, it’s important to have a strategy for success when baking. Taking the time with your child to develop a game plan before you start will ensure delicious results every time—and that’s something to cheer about.

Here’s how to begin your game plan for your baking adventure:

  • Clip the Box Tops from the Betty  Crocker cake mix box and frosting label.
  • Read the entire recipe from beginning to end.
  • Gather all of the ingredients that you need and have them ready on the counter.
  • Set out all of the equipment that you need to make the recipe—measuring cups and spoons, bowls, cupcake pan and spoons for mixing.
  • Wash your hands well before starting, and wash them often while you’re working.
  • Now you’re ready to bake. Follow the recipe carefully and have fun!
  • Ready for a little challenge? After each step, have your child tell you which step they think might be next.
Friendly reminders:
  • Always remember to remove the Box Tops from your baking products; you can save these to contribute to your child’s school!
  • Follow the recipe exactly.
  • Have adults remove hot items from the oven or stovetop using hot pads.