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Homemade Gift: Cool Coconut Cake

By Paula Kittelson
Created January 10, 2017
Add pizzazz to brown bag and picnic lunches by tucking in individually wrapped pieces of cool, crowd-pleasing coconut cake.

As a little girl growing up in Brazil, I used to eat coconut cake all the time. It was always a special day when my mom packed a piece in my lunch box. We also used to bring the cake along in the cooler when we went camping as a family. And best of all, this delicious coconut treat was often served at my friend’s birthday parties! 

As an adult, I still find myself enjoying this cake, and my kids love it, too. They get so excited to open their lunches and find a sweet piece of cake inside. So, I started a tradition of making this cake every time we go on a picnic. It makes the kids happy. Plus, it is super convenient for me because I can make the cake a day or two ahead of time, and it’s so easy to transport! 

You can find coconut milk in the Asian foods aisle of your grocery store. The shredded coconut is usually in the baking aisle right by the chocolate chips.


Start by preparing and baking the cake according to the instructions on the cake mix box. Leave it to cool in the baking pan. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, whisk together the sweetened condensed milk and the coconut milk until well combined.


Once the cake has cooled, slice it into 18 or 24 pieces.


Dip each piece of cake into the coconut milk mixture for 5 seconds or more, making sure all sides of the cake are covered.


Immediately dredge the moistened cake into the shredded coconut.


Place each piece on aluminum foil, and wrap it to form a tight package.


Put the wrapped cakes inside treat bags and tie with a bow.




Keep the cake refrigerated until you are ready to serve it. I recommend chilling the cake for at least 3 hours and up to 24 hours before serving.


How easy is that?