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Easy Tiramisu Brownie Bars

By Inspired Taste
Created January 10, 2017
Bring a favorite restaurant dessert home and make these Tiramisu Brownie Bars!

These adorable little brownie bars would be perfect for any special occasion, don’t you think? We’ve taken everything we love about our favorite Italian restaurant dessert, tiramisu, and made it into a two-bite treat that’s perfect for parties. 

Know what the best part is? They’re so easy to make! Here’s what you will need: Brownie mix, coffee, cream cheese, powdered sugar, rum or rum extract, cream and a little cocoa powder for the top.

Tiramisu Brownie Bars

When we stir together the brownie batter, we replace the water called for on the box with coffee. Then, just bake as usual. When they are done, take them out of the oven then drizzle with some more coffee. Now, cool them completely.

Tiramisu Brownie Bars_4

Now that the brownie has cooled make the creamy topping. Use a hand blender to cream the cream cheese and powdered sugar together. Add the rum or rum extract and whip until light and fluffy.

Tiramisu Brownie Bars_1

Grab another bowl and whip up some cream. Then, fold the cream into the cream cheese mixture.

Tiramisu Brownie Bars_5

Spread the topping evenly over the cooled brownie and sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Tiramisu Brownie Bars_6
Tiramisu Brownie Bars_7

Then, cover and store in the refrigerator for about 2 hours until the topping has firmed up a bit. Cut into small (or large) bars and enjoy!