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Easy Hazelnut Coffee-Cherry Sweet Rolls

By Stephanie Wise
Created January 10, 2017
Combine brewed hazelnut coffee and cherries to create a sweet roll that will easily become your family’s favorite rise and shine treat.
Easy Hazelnut Coffee-Cherry Sweet Rolls

These hazelnut coffee and cherry sweet rolls are easily one of my favorite things to make. Not only are they reminiscent of cinnamon rolls (that take half the time), but the flavors are unbeatable — coffee-flavored rolls with a cherry jam filling, topped with icing and chopped hazelnuts. They are always a popular breakfast and brunch treat for any guest in my home. 

To make the hazelnut coffee and cherry sweet rolls, you’ll need Bisquick®, milk, strong hazelnut-flavored coffee, sugar and cherry jam.

ingredients for hazelnut cherry sweet rolls

Combine the ingredients for the dough in a bowl. Knead the dough until smooth, then roll out and spread evenly and liberally with cherry jam. Roll up the dough tightly from the long end, then slice the dough into rolls. Place each roll in a prepared baking pan. Bake until golden brown.

mixing dough
spreading jam on dough
baked rolls in baking dish

While the rolls are still warm, drizzle with a sugar glaze and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts. This recipe is one of my family’s new favorite breakfasts!

Easy Hazelnut Coffee-Cherry Sweet Rolls