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Chocolate Magic Custard Cake

By Annalise Sandberg
Created January 10, 2017
We don’t call it magic for nothing! This ultra-decadent wonder-cake morphs into three distinct layers as it bakes.

There’s a reason “magic” is in the title of this cake! How else would you describe one batter that bakes into a cake with three separate layers in the oven? The top layer is a soft spongy cake, the middle a gooey custard, and the bottom a denser, cake-like layer of custard. It’s rich and decadent, yet so simple to prepare. 

This chocolate version is perfect for all occasions and is sure to be popular with everyone. Keep it simple with just a dusting of powdered sugar, or serve it with whipped cream and fresh berries. 

For this magic cake you’ll need flour, cocoa, espresso powder, cinnamon, powdered sugar, eggs, butter, milk and vanilla extract. One important thing to note is that the eggs, milk and melted butter need to be at room temperature. This will ensure everything comes together perfectly.


First, whip the egg whites to stiff peaks and then set them aside.


Then in a separate bowl, beat the egg yolks together with the powdered sugar until pale and smooth. Mix in the melted butter and vanilla extract.


Combine the flour, cocoa, espresso powder and cinnamon and add all at once to the egg yolk mixture. Mix until just combined, it will be very thick. With the mixer on low, add the milk very gradually. As you add more milk, it may begin to splatter, so you can switch to a hand whisk if you prefer. Mix until smooth.


Add the whipped egg whites in three additions, whisking in between each addition just until there are no large clumps. The batter may appear a little curdled.


Pour the batter into a baking pan lined with greased parchment paper and bake for about an hour. You may be a little skeptical about the cake at this point (I have been on several occasions), but don’t worry! It’ll come out perfect.


When the cake is done, it will only jiggle a little when the pan is lightly shaken. Let it cool completely, and for best results, chill it in the fridge before slicing. It may crack a bit as it cools, but that’s just part of its charm.


Dust slices with powdered sugar and top with whipped cream and berries, if desired.