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Bisquick Mix - Biscuits - Quick and Easy Meals

Created January 10, 2017
Bisquick mix answers the call for quick and easy breakfast recipes—or meals at any time of day. Bisquick biscuit mix answers the call for quick and easy breakfast recipes—or meals at any time of day. We answer common Bisquick questions and offer biscuit making tips and tricks.
Banana-Toffee Drop Scones

The demand for quick and easy breakfast recipes is nothing new. In fact, General Mills first adopted the idea of quick recipes for biscuits back in 1930. 

That year, Carl Smith, a General Mills sales executive, was traveling by train between Portland and San Francisco. While dining aboard the train, Smith was served a plate of delicious, oven-hot biscuits, even though it was well past the usual meal hour. He was amazed at the cook’s ability to bake them so quickly and easily. 

The chef’s timesaving secret? He had blended lard, baking powder and salt in advance, and stored the mixture in an ice chest. 

Smith recognized the potential of a premixed baking mix, and took the idea to Charlie Kress, the chief chemist of General Mills at the time. The result was Bisquick biscuit mix, now the country’s premier convenience baking mix. While it started with basic biscuits, Bisquick mix has developed into an all-around baking mix perfect for use at every meal, not just breakfast. 

Q: How should I measure Bisquick mix?
A: For best results, spoon Bisquick mix—without sifting—into a dry-ingredient measuring cup and level with a straight-edged knife or spatula. Do not pack or tap the Bisquick mix into the cup. 

Q: Can I substitute Bisquick Heart Smart® mix for Original Bisquick mix in my recipes?
A: It depends. Because the formulas are different, the products perform differently in some Bisquick recipes. The biggest difference you will find is in the amount of water absorbed when preparing doughs and batters. For that reason, we recommend using the type of Bisquick mix called for in the recipe. 

Q: Can Bisquick mix pancake and waffle batter be prepared ahead of time?
A: Yes, but not too far ahead. Make the batter, then cover and refrigerate no longer than 1 hour. If the batter stands for longer than an hour, your pancakes or waffles may not be as light and fluffy. 

Q: Can I substitute Bisquick mix in recipes if I run out of flour?
A: Because Bisquick mix contains fat and leavening as well as flour, you can’t use it as a straight substitute in baked foods, such as cookies and cakes. However, if you want to use Bisquick mix to thicken a stew or gravy, use the same amount of Bisquick mix as you would flour. 

Q: How should I store Bisquick mix?
A: To keep Bisquick mix fresh, store it in an airtight container or plastic bag in a cool, dry place, like on your pantry shelf. For long-term storage, keep it in the refrigerator or freezer. If frozen, bring it to room temperature before using. 

Q: Is Bisquick mix affected by humidity?
A: Bisquick mix reacts to the environment just like any other flour-based product does. In humid conditions, you may find that doughs and batters are stickier, softer or more fluid. You can add small amounts of Bisquick mix to make the dough or batter easier to work with. 

Try these easy Bisquick recipes and discover the many delicious ways you can use our famous mix: