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A Must-Try Twist on the Brownie: Brownie Dippers!

By Cindy Rahe
Created January 12, 2017
How clever are these brownie dippers? Served with marshmallow dip, they’re a cute twist on the traditional brownie, and they taste as delicious as ever.
Easy Brownie Dippers with Marshmallow Dip

Why are things that you can dip so appealing? These Brownie Dippers are double baked, so we have crisp, sturdy edges that hold up to dipping, while the middles stay chewy—exactly the way we all like our brownies, right? The dip couldn’t be easier to make: just open up a jar of marshmallow fluff for a creamy, sticky dip and add shower of sprinkles (or nuts, crushed candies, or even graham cracker crumbs)!

To begin, grab a box of classic Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix.


Bake the brownies exactly as directed, remove them from the oven and let them cool before trimming the edges. I used a ruler to cut these into sticks.


Once the brownies are cut and trimmed, place them onto a lined baking sheet for the second bake.


While the brownies go in for their second bake, crack open a jar of marshmallow fluff and some sprinkles. Stir the fluff to loosen it up for dipping. Tip: if it’s too thick, mix in a few tablespoons of milk to get a consistency you like.


Once the brownies are baked and firm to the touch—after about 10-15 minutes—set them out on a tray with your marshmallow dip and plenty of sprinkles.


Serve these at your next party—they’ll be a hit with kids and adults, alike!