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Taste Not Waste

Updated September 29, 2020
You turn to Betty Crocker for expert tips, kitchen-tested recipes, and perfect taste in bringing a celebration to the table. Yet there’s one thing that Betty has no taste for: food waste. Discover a new set of easy and fun cooking lessons focused on what to do with leftovers and go back to basics with proper food storage guides. Learn more and share what you’re doing to reduce food waste with the hashtag #tastenotwaste!

Food Waste Facts

Sometimes our great meal ideas and plans for the week have to be put on hold, meaning the food you purchased with the best of intentions goes bad, leading to the 40% of food waste happening in our kitchens. The good news is there are many ways to positively impact that number, from making changes in how you store your food to new ideas for using what you have on hand.


There’s no wrong way to get started, but there are three approaches with nearly immediate results: having a plan, cooking with what’s on hand, and knowing what to do with leftover odds and ends. You may have delicious skills in the kitchen, but sometimes the best know-how is going back to the basics. Here are our time-tested strategies and consistent solutions for keeping food from going to waste, with the Betty style you expect.

Plan, Prep & Freeze

Create a Recipe From Ingredients On Hand

Know What to Do With Leftovers

Betty Crocker and General Mills know food waste is a major social, environmental, and economic challenge and we’re invested in change. We work to eliminate food waste at our factories and partner with Feeding America to ensure surplus food is kept out of the garbage cans at grocery stores and restaurants and is put into the hands of people facing hunger. We started the Taste Not Waste project to tackle the 40% of food waste that happens at home. Now we’re all part of the challenge to waste less and save more. When we all do our part, we can make a difference in the amount of food that gets thrown out. Join us!