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How to Make Your Fruits and Vegetables Last Longer

Created July 5, 2021
There’s nothing like having fresh fruits and vegetables in the house. Whether you’re grabbing fruit for a snack or cooking with vegetables, fresh is the best in our book. So, let’s talk about how to make sure that your fruits and veggies last longer! We’ve got five simple steps that focus on how to keep vegetables fresh, how to store fruit, how to store vegetables, how to preserve fruit and more. Let's jump in!

Store Fruits and Vegetables Dry

We all want to know how to make fruits last longer and how to keep produce fresh. The first step is to ensure you store fruits and vegetables dry. Extra moisture can cause your fruit and vegetables to go soggy. If you're washing before putting them away, make sure you pat them dry! For berries and grapes, store them on a dry paper towel to avoid any moisture build-up. On the other hand to keep peppers crispy and fresh, store them in a produce bag or paper bag.

Know What Fruits and Vegetables Like Room Temperature

Some fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, tomatoes and avocados, prefer to be stored on the countertop. These foods benefit from room temperature climates, which can help them keep their flavor. If you’re not ready to eat your fruits and vegetables yet—and they are starting to ripen—just pop them in the fridge.

Make Room in Cool, Dark Places

Let’s take a look at how to preserve vegetables that like cool, dark places. These are typically potatoes, onions and garlic. They like it cool, but not cold. So store these in your pantry or a lower cabinet. We like using small baskets for storing.

Store Herbs Properly

Herbs are finicky and like what they like. Can you blame them? Separate your herbs into single layers and store them on dry paper towel, this avoids moisture build-up. For an even longer life, seal in an airtight bag.

Fruits and Vegetables Like Space

When exploring how to store fruits and how to store vegetables that last longer, a great tip is don't cramp their style!

Think of fruits and vegetables like teenagers, when you can give them space, they appreciate it! Try not to pile fruits and vegetables on top of each other. This builds up moisture and can lead to mold.

Close to Expiration, Is a Cue for Inspiration

Keep your eye on your fresh fruits and veggies, so those at key ripeness never go to waste. A spotty banana is calling out to become banana bread. Those soft peppers are perfect for the grill. Pickle it, jam it, bake it, make it or even fake it into something delicious.