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Breakfast Migas Tacos

By Yvette Marquez
Created January 10, 2017
Inspired by Austin, Texas’ breakfast taco scene, Betty blogger Yvette Marquez whips up her own take, using leftover corn tortillas, eggs and Old El Paso chiles.

I grew up eating breakfast burritos in El Paso, Texas but never heard of breakfast tacos until a recent visit to Austin. The city has a love affair with breakfast tacos, and around every corner, I was tempted. Migas is Spanish slang for leftovers, which makes perfect sense. The comforting ingredients in this dish are most likely in your fridge, begging to be thrown together. These migas are made with fresh ingredients and crispy corn chips. Do not use bagged tortilla chips, instead cut up corn tortillas and lightly fry. This recipe, found below, is vegetarian, but if you want heartier tacos add bacon or chorizo.

To start, cut up the corn tortillas.


Lightly fry the tortilla pieces.


Chop half a red onion.


Chop up 1 to 2 Old El Paso whole green chiles, depending on your spice preference.


Gather half a dozen eggs.


Place all the ingredients in a skillet and let it set before scrambling.


When everything is perfectly combined, add a heaping amount of cheese and let it melt.


Heat up an Old El Paso flour tortilla and wrap the migas mixture into the warm tortilla. Then it’s time dig in!