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Camp Betty: Independence Week

By Erin Madsen
Created January 10, 2017
Salute all the good things kids can do for themselves—from cooking fast snacks to running a pop-up lemonade stand.
Whoopie Pies

Complement the patriotic fanfare by helping kids learn a few easy recipes they can make themselves—or with just a little help—like our new Chocolate Cherry Froyo Sandwiches (pictured), Crescent Dogs, Pizza Cupcakes or Salsa-Bean Dip for Pizza Rolls. Kids will be proud to prepare their own satisfying snacks and pick up important kitchen lessons along the way!

Jar with food coloring representing fireworks

This creative craft from I Can Teach My Child lets kids discover a colorful way to celebrate independence without the pyrotechnics. Create fireworks in a tall jar using oil, water and food coloring—a miniature science experiment kids can do themselves!

children at lemonade stand

What better way to celebrate independence than by encouraging young entrepreneurs? A lemonade stand is a time-tested exercise in business and self-reliance. Let kids take control of the process as they develop signs, select supplies, choose the location, prices, grocery list and budget. Watch profits (and excitement) double when kids make Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies to sell alongside Betty’s top-rated Old Fashioned Lemonade.

cupcakes and container to collect box tops

Promote household responsibility and support your own school by encouraging kids to take control of the family’s Box Tops for Education. Collecting Box Tops is so much easier when you have a dedicated bank that kids have a hand in creating. Use a rainy day to turn Box Tops collection into a craft with the help of this easy how-to, and allow kids to rotate shifts as president of the family bank.