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How to Infuse Vodka

By Jessica Walker
Created January 10, 2017
An easy how-to for infusing vodka with your favorite flavors!

Flavored vodkas are all the rage right now. Cake-flavored, whipped cream, marshmallow. The list goes on. So how about finding some of your favorite flavors and infusing your own vodka for spirited cocktails? Infusing vodka can bring out a creativity that you didn’t know you had!

Here are some steps to remember… 

1. Choose your vodka.
It is most important to avoid the really cheap vodkas if you are infusing your own.  If you use lower-grade vodka, the bite from the alcohol will fight with the flavors that you want to shine through. A mid-level brand of vodka would be the best because it has a smoother taste.

2. Choose the right jar.
Just say no to a plastic jar for infusion. The taste of plastic can seep into your drink, and that is the LAST thing you want to happen. Choose an air tight glass container that is big enough for how much you want to make.

3. Add the taste!
You can use pretty much any fruit, herb or vegetable you can think of. Add a healthy amount of whatever it is you like. Cutting a lemon into many small parts will go farther than plunking two halves into the mix. Lots of small berries work well. And if you’re going to go with spices (think vanilla), be sure to mash them up before dropping them in. You could also branch out and try something like bacon or your favorite fruit- flavored candy.

4. Remember to be patient.
You should let the ingredients sit for a couple days to let all the flavors mix together. Open the container every now and then give it a good stir and make sure the flavors are evenly distributed.

5. Strain the spirits.
When you are ready to serve, make sure you strain your vodka creation. You could use a fine mesh strainer or even a coffee filter.

6. Serve and enjoy!
You can now serve your vodka straight or add to a cocktail. Try different combinations. You just might surprise yourself by what a mix master you are!

So, taking my own advice, I decided to try infusing my vodka with candy canes!

First, gather your vodka, air tight jar and some mini candy canes.

Infused Vodka

Add candy canes and vodka to the jar. For my jars, I used about 3 cups.

Infused Vodka
Infused Vodka

Seal the jar tightly and let sit. For this particular recipe, I let it sit for about one day. It only took a couple hours for most of the candy canes to be dissolved, but I just stirred it up and let it set some more. I wanted the taste of candy cane to be prevalent. Notice the pretty pink color!

Infused Vodka

Next, we need to gather our ingredients for our cocktail. The infused vodka, chocolate syrup, more candy canes and peppermint schnapps. Please forgive me. I forgot to add the schnapps to the photo...I was just too excited!

Infused Vodka

In a large plastic bag, crush the candy canes.

Infused Vodka

Now it is time to make our tasty and pretty rim! Add some chocolate syrup to one plate and crushed candy canes to another. Dip the glass in the chocolate and then in the candy. If you are doing more than one glass, you might want to add more candy canes.

Infused Vodka
Infused Vodka

In a martini shaker full of ice, pour two parts vodka and one part schnapps. Shake and pour into glass. Enjoy this holiday cocktail that you created!

Infused Vodka