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Elf Hat Cupcakes

Have a Christmas wish? These cupcakes are all ears!

Betty Blogger
Elf Hat Cupcakes
I love watching movies while wrapping Christmas presents. One of my favorite holiday movies is about a misplaced human that grew up at the north pole and thinks he’s an elf. You probably know the one (hint: smiling’s my favorite!) it makes me laugh and I look forward to our annual viewing each year. 

These elf hat cupcakes are sure to bring plenty of smiles, too. Sugar cones are covered in frosting and dipped in sparkling sugar. Add a few strategically placed fruit chews and you’ve got a batch of holly jolly cupcakes that would make Santa proud!  

First, you’ll mix up your cake mix with eggs oil and some commercially prepared eggnog–that’s right! These cupcakes are eggnog-flavored to bring plenty of holiday spirit!

ingredients for cupcakes
Next, line a cupcake tin (or two!) with paper liners. Cupcake papers tend to get greasy and fade during baking, so I recommend Betty Crocker no-fade baking cups in holiday prints for a brilliant end result. batter in muffin tin with holiday liners
Fill the cups 3/4 full and bake until the cakes spring back when pressed in the center, about 20 minutes. baked cupcakes
Gather together the sugar cones, cookie icing and sanding sugar. ingredients for decorations
Squeeze cookie icing into a bowl. Place green sanding sugar in a plate. Cover sugar cones in a thin layer of icing using a frosting spatula. I found it was easiest to hold the cones with two fingers on the inside the cavity while you frost. Roll the cones in sanding sugar. spreading green frosting on sugar cones
Place the cones on a sheet of wax paper or parchment to partially set, about 10 minutes. Attach the flat ribbon applicator tip on the extruder of the red cupcake icing. betty crocker cupcake icing
Pipe a line of frosting around the bottom edge (non-pointed end) of the cones. frosting bottom rim of green cones with red frosting
Cover each cupcake with a small amount of Betty Crocker® Fluffy White Frosting. I managed to only use one can of frosting, but if you are a frosting fanatic, you might consider using 2 containers. frosting cupcakes with betty crocker whipped white frosting
Dip the frosted cupcakes in the green sanding sugar. dipping tops of cupcakes in green sugar
Top each cupcake with a sugar cone. Press the cones into the icing gently but firmly so that it doesn’t wobble when picked up. placing green cone on top of cupcake
Cut each yellow fruit chew into three pieces and knead them until soft. Roll the pieces into three balls. cutting and rolling yellow taffy into balls
Gently press one ball onto the tip of each sugar cone. putting yellow ball of taffy on top of green cone
Cut each pink fruit chew into two pieces and model them into squares. Cut each square in two diagonally. cutting pink taffy into small triangles
Flatten each fruit chew slightly and place one piece on either side of the hats to create elf “ears.” putting triangle taffy on side of cone for ears
Serve to delighted guests. Elf Hat Cupcakes

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