Ollie Octopus

Great decoration idea! This creative and colorful octopus made using Cheerios® cereal is perfect for any table decoration.

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  • Prep Time 0 min
  • Total Time 60 min
  • Servings 1

sheets of felt (12x9 inch)
pipe cleaners (10 inch)
Clean, empty soup can
Cheerios™ cereal
googly eyes


  • 1 Spread glue over 1 sheet of the felt. Arrange the pipe cleaners crosswise, equally spaced, on the felt with 1 end of the pipe cleaners touching 1 long side of the felt (the pipe cleaners should hang over the other long side by about 1 inch). Spread a line of glue over each pipe cleaner. Place a sheet of felt over the first sheet, pressing down and sandwiching the pipe cleaners between the felt. Let stand until dry.
  • 2 Cut the felt evenly between the pipe cleaners into strips. Round felt end of each strip. Glue 2 lines of the cereal onto each tentacle. Let stand until dry.
  • 3 Bend the exposed pipe cleaner-end of each of the tentacles at a 90° angle. Tape each pipe cleaner to the sides of the can, at the bottom, making sure the tentacles are cereal-side down.
  • 4 Glue a rectangle of felt around the can,* covering the pipe cleaner ends. Cut a 5x3-inch rectangle of felt to make the head. Round one end of the rectangle and glue it, rounded end up, to the can. Glue on the googly eyes. Carefully curl the tentacles.


Expert Tips

To cover the potentially sharp top edge of the soup can neatly, cut the rectangle of felt 1/2 inch taller than needed to cover can. Glue the felt to the can matching the bottom edge of the felt to the bottom of the can. Cut the felt to the top edge at 1/2-inch intervals. Carefully spread glue inside the top edge of the can and press down each tab of felt overlapping as needed.

Some octopuses turn white when they are scared and red when they are mad.

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