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musicgirl24 said: Posted: 1/12/2015 2:14 PM
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cookie mix. I've made two large batches so far and have gotten rave reviews by everyone that tried them including people that don't normally care for gingerbread. Please don't stop making this mix. It is so easy to use and you'll be surprised at how many cookies you can get from one bag if you use a smaller size cookie cutter. Seems to be a seasonal product so I'm trying to stock up before their gone since the stores are clearancing them out. Don't delay; get them before they're gone. You won't regret it!! Few things to note: 1) you may have to add just a little more water than what is listed on the package, 2) you may need to turn the heat down to 350 (375 is a bit too hot), 3) Watch them carefully, they do not need to be left in the oven for very long at all. They will get too dark on the bottom. Even if they don't feel done initially, once they sit, they'll harden up a bit.
ceciliathomp said: Posted: 2/7/2014 1:35 PM
can I make bread with this mix?
FlaWildChild said: Posted: 1/7/2014 8:50 AM
Found this mix at Target last night on the after Christmas Sale isle. Bought 10 bags at 48 cents each. I am glad it rates high as being a good mix. I will put them in the freezer for next Christmas.
Maurice64 said: Posted: 1/6/2014 8:02 PM
This mix is so easy and so darn good that my family went through a plateful in just minutes. Why is this just a holiday treat? My mother and grandmother made gingerbread all year, and I dare say this was every bit as good as their cookies made from scratch! I have to get to the store and stock up so I can make them all winter. I just hope they still have a few left.
sherryF said: Posted: 11/25/2013 8:56 PM
I love this product and have made the ginger men that looked just like the front of the package. I went to buy some at Walmart this year and couldn't find it. I was so disappointed :( LUCKILY I asked and WOW there it was right where I had been looking I just didn't see it because they changed the color and picture on the bag. The new bag is purple and has a new gingerbread man on the front! I am happy again and looking forward to impressing my friends with my amazing gingerbread men once again. They have it at Walmart!
bclover22 said: Posted: 11/25/2013 3:33 PM
Help, can't find it in Portland,Oregon. I agree it is the best ever, I must have some, please advise where I can find it in my area!
MCPsad said: Posted: 11/19/2013 9:32 AM
The Gingerbread cookie mix is the best product I have ever used. I make a Gingerbread Cookie Sleigh for the holidays and fill it with my cookies for gifts. When I found this mix I no longer had to make scratch gingerbread dough. I cannot find it anywhere and from what I can tell on your lists it is discontinued. How can you do this? I live in an area where most people buy cookies and don't bake anything - but still there must be some place that I can buy this product in the north suburbs of Chicago!
thalia902 said: Posted: 11/5/2013 7:06 PM
Saw this mix Holidays 2011. Totally FLIPPED over the quality of the little gingerbread people I produced! Went back to Giant and couldn't find the mix again - gone like Frosty:( Began prepping my baking drawer for Holidays 2012. Got smart: called Betty - she told me where to find her Gingerbread Cookie Mix (just gave her my zip code). Went back to my favorite grocery store and bought several bags. It is now Holidays 2013 and I had to bake up a batch for my 4 yr old niece. The two of us made 'sprinkle men' yesterday. Think I'll need a few extra bags this year. Betty Crocker's cookie mixes are wonderful; esp. when there is a little girl waiting to get the tea party going ASAP.
Jual said: Posted: 11/4/2013 11:38 AM
I love the Gingerbread Cookie Mix! It's like taking a bite of holiday goodness! Perfectly moist and full of flavor without being overly sweet. This Gingerbread Cookie Mix is wonderful for holiday baking!
Lindaa2 said: Posted: 6/1/2013 3:49 PM
Is there any chance I can buy some of your limited cookie mixes? My grandchildren love the Gingerbread Cookie Mix and a couple others much more than the ones I can buy on a regular basis...Please help a Grandma out here! Linda
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