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Brownies, Brownies, Brownies

Brownie tips, articles and recipes galore!
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Ooey-gooey, double chocolate, covered in frosting or topped with berries – how do you choose just one? Brownies are an instant crowd-pleaser. And since they’re made by the batch, they’re perfect for sharing.

Crunchy, chewy, salty or extra sweet, we have a recipe for every craving.

 Summer Brownie Recipes

Baking Basics for Brownies

Discover easy tips and techniques for brownies baked just right.

Brownie Basics 



Easy Brownie Mix-Ins

Add a signature spin to a box of brownies with inspiration from Betty Crocker.

Brownie Mix-Ins 



Great Twists on Brownies

Find out how to make variations on a classic American dessert: the brownie.

Brownies with a Twist 



Chocolate Brownie Bliss 

Make summer yummy with Betty Crocker® Brownies and Hershey®’s Syrup!

Get Recipes 



How-To: Brownie Ice Cream Torte

Warm days call for cool desserts like this chilly and delicious Brownie Ice Cream Torte, simple to make ahead with Betty Crocker® Brownie Mix.

View the full-size video 

How-To: Brownie Kabobs

Need simple and fresh desserts for your summer cookouts? How about these delicious brownies- with a twist?

View the full-size video 

How-To: Festive Brownies in Minutes

The Betty Crocker experts show you how to jazz up any brownie mix with some fun, easy ideas.

View the full-size video 

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