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Make Your Own Pot of Gold Pancake

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and make the kids a magically delicious breakfast.

Did you know that it’s good luck to eat a big breakfast the morning of St. Patrick’s Day? Each year I make St. Paddy’s Day breakfast the luckiest by surprising my son with a magical pancake breakfast using his favorite anytime cereal. Time and again he’s overjoyed with his Pot of Gold pancake breakfast— I think your kids will like it too, so I’m sharing the how-to with you. Make-Your-Own-Pot-of-Gold-Pancake_01
To get started, you’ll need: Bisquick® Heart Smart, Lucky Charms®, yogurt, chocolate hazelnut spread, eggs and milk. Make-Your-Own-Pot-of-Gold-Pancake_02
Next is a task you can delegate to your little helpers – sorting out the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms cereal. Just make sure more marshmallows go into the bowl than in their mouths. Make-Your-Own-Pot-of-Gold-Pancake_03
Mix a batch of this classic Bisquick® recipe, then pour a pancake, approximately 5 inches round, onto a heated griddle. Using a teaspoon, add two tiny dots of batter at the bottom of your pancake for cauldron feet and a small line of batter at the top to create a rim. Make-Your-Own-Pot-of-Gold-Pancake_04
Once your pancake is cooked, cover the rim of the cauldron with a thin layer of chocolate hazelnut spread. Make-Your-Own-Pot-of-Gold-Pancake_05
Gently drag a fork through the chocolate hazelnut spread to create a linear texture. Make-Your-Own-Pot-of-Gold-Pancake_07
Spoon a few dollops of yogurt in the area of your plate above the cauldron rim. Make-Your-Own-Pot-of-Gold-Pancake_08
Add your marshmallows (if they haven’t all been eaten). Make-Your-Own-Pot-of-Gold-Pancake_09
And now you’ve created a Pot of Gold pancake. Enjoy!

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