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Beef Stroganoff Pie Cups

Savory stroganoff meets tender veggies and flaky pie crust to make these individual mini pies. Perfect with a salad for dinner or tucked into a lunchbox.

Growing up, whenever my mom served beef stroganoff for dinner, I was always stoked about it. With thin slices of beef, sweet onions, earthy mushrooms and a lush sour cream sauce all served over buttered egg noodles…how could I not adore this comforting yet fancy-feeling meal? These little cupcake-tin mini pies are a spin on the old classic, with all the goodness of beef stroganoff (plus some extra veggies for good measure) encased in a flaky pie crust package. They were a hit at my house, and the leftover pies were immediately claimed by my husband for his workday lunches the following week. Always a good sign in my book! 

We start these pies with a box of Pillsbury pie crusts. We’ll be using both of the crusts contained in the package to make eigh mini pies.

Cut out eigth, 4 ½-inch circles (I used a small bowl and paring knife to accomplish this) to create the pie bases and a 3-inch circles (I used a biscuit cutter) for the pie tops. We then press the bases into a greased muffin tin using a small glass. Go ahead and place the tops on a plate and set both the crust-filled muffin tin and plate in the refrigerator while we make the filling. Beef-Stroganoff-Pie-Cups_02
Quickly cooked beef, sautéed mushrooms, carrots and onions combine with thawed, frozen Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers sweet peas. Beef-Stroganoff-Pie-Cups_03
Cool this mixture to room temperature and mix with sour cream. Then scoop it into the chilled and prepared pie cups. Each mini pie gets a lid and then is crimped to seal. Beef-Stroganoff-Pie-Cups_04
Then brush the tops with a little egg wash, sprinkle with coarse salt and pepper and cut some vents in the top for steam to escape. Beef-Stroganoff-Pie-Cups_05
After a quick trip in the oven, the pies come out golden and glossy topped. Yum! Beef-Stroganoff-Pie-Cups_06

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