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Magical Princess Castle Birthday Party

The Queen and her ladies-in-waiting (or maybe damsels in distress?) will enjoy minstrels and musicians as they dance around this impressive pink castle cake. Stage a medieval court of elegance, complete with party games and girlish fun fit for a queen!

Magical Princess Castle Cake

Party Invitations

  • Mail a sparkly stickers to each guest with the party details attached. Encourage guests  to come in princess wear.

Party Decorations

  • Create a castle for guests to enter. Add twinkle lights inside and out.
  • Offer feathered tiaras and fairy princess wands to each princess.
  • Decorate pillows with ribbons to imitate a royal throne for the birthday girl.
  • String pink crepe paper streamers and pink balloons.

Party Games & Activities

  • Assemble a craft table for the girls to make their own crowns.  Include craft paper, markers, small costume jewels, feathers, and glue.
  • Include a selection of pretty beads to make friendship bracelets. Have each girl make and exchange bracelets and make something special for the birthday girl.
  • Create a princess makeover station where girls can get temporary glittery tattoos, sparkly nail polish and the works.

Party Favors

  • Buy a length of pink taffeta at a fabric store; cut into squares.  Place kids nail polish and kid-safe cosmetics in the center; pull the corners up to form a bag and tie with narrow pink satin ribbon.  Favors can double as table decorations along with iridescent glitter confetti.