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Sweet and Salty Brownies

These Sweet and Salty Brownies are the perfect balance of well, sweet and salty. Everyone will love these crunchy and chocolaty brownie bars.

Past Contributor
The best desserts are multi-faceted. They make your mouth happy by being smooth and crunchy or sweet and salty. They tease your senses, and your taste buds don’t know what is coming next. One bite is rich and sinful, and the next, well, you just don’t know. 

When I need a dessert that I know will make everyone happy, I reach for a box of brownie mix. Brownies are perfect on their own, but it is so easy to kick them up a notch. Take a look around your pantry and see what looks good. Stir it into your batter and you have an all new brownie every time. 

It is a simple as starting with a brownie mix. Prepare the batter according to the package directions.

Add crushed pretzels, caramel bits, and honey roasted peanuts. sweet-and-salty-bars_1
Stir until combined. sweet-and-salty-bars_3
Pour the batter into a prepared baking pan. I like to scatter a few of the ingredients on the top, I think that it looks pretty. sweet-and-salty-bars_4
Bake and cool according to the box directions. sweet-and-salty-bars_5
Cut into squares and serve. sweet-and-salty-bars_7

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