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Jefftheturtle said: Posted: 8/6/2014 3:50 PM
I know its been said but PLEASE BRING BACK YOUR OLD MAC N CHEESE. SOOOOOO much better than kraft or any other mac n cheese for that matter. Most mac n cheeses make me sick if I have too much, but I could eat your old recipe for days on end. I think that the only reason it wasn't more popular was because most people didn't read the instructions, and prepared it like they prepared kraft. If you change it back and make the instructions explicitly clear, I have no doubt that this brand will dominate kraft on the market.
SquirrelCrusher said: Posted: 8/6/2014 1:01 AM
Please bring the original back! It was so much better. The taste was better, the prep was easier. Just toss everything into one pan and boom Mac and Cheese in a few minutes. No boiling water, adding noodles, straining water, etc. Everything was better with the original recipe. I was so sad to see that everything switched to Kraft blue box knock off.
royalone said: Posted: 6/20/2014 2:33 PM
My family loved your Mac and Cheese so much. We purchased this product at our local Hannaford Supermarket. We are so dissapointed that they no longer carry this product. Luckily, we still have a couple of boxes left in our pantry. Was this just a test market item or will we be able to purchase it again at our local stores? Please do not discontinue it!!
deeisupset said: Posted: 6/16/2014 4:33 PM
I am so upset with this new mac n cheese!! The old prep where the noodles simmered in the sauce was AMAZING! And the old noodles were much thicker and everything was just so much better:( please change it back :(
gavinmiller said: Posted: 6/11/2014 8:09 PM
horrible smell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ecmlbrant said: Posted: 5/19/2014 6:22 PM
If I wanted Kraft Mac and Cheese I would have bought that brand. Bring back your original!!!! It said new and improved....old and been done! I'm disappointed! Your original was the best!
EGarrett said: Posted: 5/13/2014 6:15 PM
PLEASE PLEASE bring back the old version. It was so delicious and creamy. It was almost like oven-baked mac 'n cheese. Now it is honestly a poor version of kraft. It isn't good. Please reintroduce your previous line of mac 'n cheese. It was unique to put it all in the pan together and resulted in the most delicious concoction. I miss it.
smooch74bb said: Posted: 5/2/2014 5:51 PM
I have noticed this product has been missing from the Shaws stores also Market basket, We love it at this house,blows the socks off of Kraft
GiveMeMyOldMacBACK said: Posted: 4/27/2014 5:28 PM
The old version of this Mac n Cheese was AMAZING. I feel bad for getting my boyfriend hooked on it now, because for some reason, Betty Crocker changed it to a sad version of Kraft. We wasted money on like ten boxes of it before we realized it has been changed to the disgustingness it is now. CHANGE IT BACK!
WhatAcrocking said: Posted: 4/23/2014 3:23 PM
You must read this first I love mac and cheese I've had many brand kraft deluxe, and regular, store brands, deli style,s love the stuff it's magic . But Betty Crocker is taking the cake for the absolutely worst mac and cheese I've ever tasted I made it thinking Betty is a great company. it's gonna be one of the amazing Mac and cheese, but the truth is far from that it actually had a smell that I couldn't figure out like a chemical smell then I realized it was a rubber maybe silicone smell which I recognized since I work around electronics. I was super disappointed I bought 3 boxes had to throw them all away. I guess that's their filler product to make it cheap and it seem this is Betty crockers version of PINK SLIME!
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