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Winter Rye Panzanella Salad with Brussels Sprouts, Pastrami and Dijon Vinaigrette

Betty blogger Molly Yeh puts a deliciously hearty twist on a classic summer salad.

Molly Yeh

Perhaps my favorite perk of working at a bakery is the free day-old bread. I bring home loaves of it and I may or may not be guilty of feasting on the doughy innards, leaving the crust behind. Winter-Rye-Panzanella-Salad_01
Old habits. 

But this is a new year and I plan on expanding my repertoire of things to do with day old bread, past eating it plain and making French toast out of it. 

Exhibit A: The panzanella salad.

I loved it before I knew what it was. In its traditional form, it's a summery salad that includes many of the same ingredients as bruschetta, but instead of eating it like an open faced sandwich, it's eaten like a (you guessed it) salad. 

With winter in full swing though, yummy fresh tomatoes are months away. So this panzanella has roasted Brussels sprouts, crispy shallots and some hearty pastrami. A mustard vinaigrette pulls it all together.

Ta-da! I give you a dish that functions well as an appetizer, side or a lunch. Winter-Rye-Panzanella-Salad_hero

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