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Easy Ice Cream Strawberry Shortcake

Beat the heat with a gorgeous, three-ingredient shortcake.


It really isn’t summer until you’ve lamented about the heat, eaten multiple meals outside, made a trip to the beach or pool, eaten a drippy ice cream cone and consumed plenty of strawberry shortcake. This version contains ice cream, so it basically fulfills two of those summertime requirements at once. And while it isn’t truly a shortcake—it uses store-bought pound cake for ease of assembly—it has all the flavors you crave when you think of classic strawberry shortcake—vanilla scented cream, plenty of berries and buttery cake. easy-ice-cream-strawberry-shortcake_01
To make this delectable frosty treat, all you really need are some good quality vanilla ice cream, ripe strawberries and a prepared pound cake (found in the freezer aisle), that’s been cut horizontally into thirds. easy-ice-cream-strawberry-shortcake_02
Mix the softened ice cream with the strawberry slices. So simple and yet so satisfying. easy-ice-cream-strawberry-shortcake_03
Then, layer the sliced pound cake with the ice cream, using the tin the pound cake came in. easy-ice-cream-strawberry-shortcake_04
The whole deal gets frozen again, giving it time to firm up before you slice it! Garnishing with whipped cream and additional strawberries is a welcome, but not necessary finishing touch, as this cake is great on its own! easy-ice-cream-strawberry-shortcake_05

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