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Summer of Pops: 12 New Frozen Pops Recipes

Jennifer Kalinowski

Contributed by: Jennifer Kalinowski
Food Editor, Betty Crocker Kitchens 

Frozen pops are the must-have treat of summer. They’re fun. They’re frozen. They’re served on a stick. What’s not to love?

Here’s the story of how we took everyone’s favorite summer treat and turned it into the Summer of Pops featuring 12 brand new flavors!


Pops, Pops, and More Pops

It started with a simple idea—create a few new fruit and yogurt pops. And then it got delicious! We took inspiration from food and flavor trends to create 2 new recipes, Fresh Fruit Fro-Yo Pops (homemade frozen yogurt made with only 3 ingredients) and Strawberry Green Smoothie Pops (2 flavors of smoothies frozen into a fun striped pop).



But we didn’t stop there; we loved these recipes so much, we had to create more! The best thing about frozen pops is their versatility, the options for flavor and shape and layering and decorating are endless. We stopped after 12 ideas, but only because we had other projects to work on.

Behind the Scenes: DIY Pop Tips

We tested and tasted hundreds of pops during the creation of these recipes. At one point, we were stashing pops in nearly every freezer in the Betty Crocker Kitchens. (That’s a lot of freezer space!) Here are a few tips for making ice pops that we learned along the way:

ann and kristen

freezer shot

pop plate shot UpclosePop

  • Do-It-Yourself: You don’t need special equipment to make homemade pops. Small paper cups make great DIY pop molds. Simply fill, cover tops with foil, and insert a stick before freezing. Remove pops from cups by snipping top of cup and tearing away from pop.

  • Play with shape: Ice pop molds come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for filling and removing molds. If a pop is stuck in a mold, run warm water on outside of mold for a few seconds and then gently move stick back and forth to loosen the pop.

  • Get creative with the stick: Use lollipop sticks, different shapes of food-safe wooden craft sticks and colorful straws. To strengthen straws, insert lollipop sticks through straws before freezing.

  • Swirl, layer and stripe: For a swirled look, start with thick mixtures like pudding or yogurt and gently stir. To make multilayered pops, be sure each pop layer is frozen before adding the next layer.

  • Keep it cold: The temperature of your freezer should be zero degrees or colder so that pops freeze solid. Place pops in the back of the freezer where it’s coldest.

  • Serve ‘em up!: Homemade pops are best enjoyed within a few days of making them. Store pops in molds until ready to serve.

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