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Couple’s Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Want to throw a bash for a couple who don’t want to celebrate their upcoming nuptials in separate “last night of freedom” fashion? Gather the bride and groom’s friends together for an evening of delicious food and pre-wedding celebrating. This classy, relaxed dinner party features elegant-made-easy dishes that are perfect for passing, sharing, and enjoying. But the real hit of the party is sure to be the his-and-her signature cocktails.

Couple’s Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

“She” and “He” Cocktails

The men and women might be joining forces for this party, but who says there can’t be a little cocktail competition? Chances are both sides will be convinced their respective cocktail reigns supreme after just one sip of these delicious concoctions.

For the Gentlemen: Butterscotch Martini

For the Ladies: Mango-Blueberry Champagne Cocktail

Dinner-Made-Easy Party Menu

The words “easy” and “dinner party” need not be mutually exclusive. With just a couple hours of prep, you can create a delectable dinner and truly enjoy the party right along with your guests. The main entrée can be prepped ahead and put in the oven an hour before guests arrive. The delicious salad also can be made ahead and will actually benefit from at least one hour in the fridge prior to serving, allowing the flavors to really meld. (pullout quote Hint: To lighten your culinary load, ask a few of the attendees to bring some light appetizers to serve during the pre-dinner cocktail time so that you can focus exclusively on dinner prep.)

Perfect for a holiday brunch, this baked egg dish is loaded with fresh and frozen vegetables.
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonhalf spoonempty spoon (6 ratings)     Member Reviews (1)
Betty Crocker's Heart Healthy Cookbook shares a recipe! Feta-sprinkled marinated veggies are served on a bed of spinach, Mediterranean style.
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonempty spoon (8 ratings)     Member Reviews (2)
Get dinner rolling with pork loin that’s wrapped around a sweet, crunchy apricot-pistachio filling and roasted to perfection.
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoon (27 ratings)     Member Reviews (1)
Homemade mashed potatoes you can make ahead! It doesn't get much better. Mmm.
full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoon (24 ratings)     Member Reviews (7)

Match Made in Heaven Dessert

Just like your guests of honor, lemon and raspberry are a perfect pair—especially in this absolutely scrumptious Lemon-Raspberry Cake that you can make the morning of the party. Be sure to show it off on a pedestal cake stand so that your guests can ooh and ahh all evening! 

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